Tony Award recipient Broadway Advocacy Coalition tackles structural racism backstage with their new REP program.

Theater of Change Forum, October 2019 (Credit: Lee Wexler)

As Broadway slowly re-opens, I’ve been worried that the industry will simply return to business as usual. If we take into account the lessons around racial trauma, safety, and equity we as a nation finally began to confront over the past 14 months, “usual” is unacceptable. And yet, the threat of status quo looms large.

Change takes work. So who is willing to make that effort, and how?

Black Theatre United hosted a three-month Commercial Theatre Summit for the major leaders in theater (see: Broadway…

What we do in the remaining downtime of this shutdown will determine the health and future of the industry

Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

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If you wanted to, this past weekend, you could finally dine inside a restaurant, attend an indoor catered affair, visit MoMA, catch a movie on the big screen, sit inside a coffee shop, or go to the gym—but you could not have enjoyed one of New York’s most quintessential experiences: live theater.

With President Biden’s declaration that…

Ruthie Fierberg

Ruthie Fierberg is an arts journalist and creator and host of the podcast Why We Theater. She is the former Executive Editor of Features at Playbill.

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