What It Will Take for New York Theater to Come Back as the Industry and Community It Professes to Be

Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash
Theater Audiences in South Korea (S&Co South Korea)
Audience members speak to documentary filmmaker Sammi Cannold at a South Korean performance of The Phantom of the Opera (Sammi Cannold)
Gavin Creel and Jane Krakowski in Roundabout Theatre Company’s 2016 Broadway revival “She Loves Me” (Courtesy BroadwayHD)
Recording “She Loves Me” (Eugene Gologursky)

Arts workers are resilient and inventive, but they need reassurance and guidance. Leaders: You have an army of advocates with the time to raise funds, petition government, and help you in this change if you communicate your needs and deploy them.



Ruthie Fierberg is an arts journalist and creator and host of the podcast Why We Theater. She is the former Executive Editor of Features at Playbill.

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